Years & years of Real Estate search to make you an expert Home Hunter

Hunters is Trovit’s initiative to guide people through one of the most important decisions in life: finding a new Home. After 10 years in the classified business analyzing data, receiving thousands of feedback emails from people like you, hours of market research… we decided to share all of our knowledge: everything you need to know to become an expert Home Hunter!

At Hunters we want to provide you with useful insights, advice and inspiration to help you find the home you’ve always dreamed about while making the search process easy and enjoyable. Whether it’s the first time you are searching or you have already lived through the experience, we want to be there for you!

This is only the beginning of our journey! Trovit’s knowledge goes beyond Home-searching, we are also expert Car and Job-searchers at global level. Although this project begins aiming to make you an expert Home Hunter, we will soon be expanding our mission into the other two areas of expertise: we also want to make you infallible Car Hunters and Job Hunters. We want to go big, we want to go global.

The search for the life you want starts here and now!

Welcome to Trovit Hunters!

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