10 GIFs to explain when it’s time to move to...

10 GIFs to explain when it’s time to move to another apartment

Sometimes we try to ignore the obvious, and it’s fine for a while. Until you realize that you have changed, and there’s nothing you can do about it, besides adjusting yourself to the new reality. And this is cruelly, especially true when applied to the sour process of mastering adulthood. Let’s face it: maybe you are not as comfortable as you were before sharing your place with four roommates, or having an apartment that looks more like Harry Potter’s cupboard under the stairs.

This mostly happens once you exit college and enter the working life. The change is so gradual that you don’t see it coming, but it’s there. You spend less time outdoors, more at the office, and you find yourself cherishing those scarce moments of peace and quiet. Or perhaps you are not there yet. You might not have even finished college yet! Or maybe you have already experienced all of this, but still have some spare time for a good laugh. For all of you, here’s a selection of reasons why you might need to move asap, before you go crazy!

1.Your washing machine dances more than you do on Saturday nights


One of the first signs that point out you have a severe case of adulthood-ness is when you realize that you can’t party two nights in a row. Once the Saturday Night Fever of your younger years has been cured, you will notice that your old washing machine (if you ever even had one) is getting more action than you do.

2. You feel the urge to be away from humans


Remember way back when you enjoyed constant companionship? Well, those days are long gone and have been supplanted by a need of being by yourself. Of course, it’s not like you won’t see anybody, but you probably won’t be able to shake off the thought of “I wish I could be home watching Netflix right now” during dinner parties. You may cry out “What’s happening to me?!”, but I’m afraid we’ve already lost you. Sorry!

3. Guests can never stay over


When you do want to socialize, and you invite your friends over, there’s just no room for them. Dinner parties have a quite limited space. Wouldn’t it be lovely to have more than four chairs, matching ones, while we are at it? A proper dinner table? Maybe even a guest bedroom?

I know, we are daydreamers…

4. Now you see the point of having your place tidy… but other people don’t


Peace and cleanness go hand in hand. And while you still probably need to master more mindfulness to really have everything properly neat and tidy, you understand your mess, but not other people’s. You like to find your things where you left them, even if it may seem like randomly arranged. Also, I personally like not having to clean the colander every freaking time I need it, Mark!

5. Your neighborhood is suddenly too noisy in the evenings


And you don’t like it. Maybe you used to. It made you feel cool, as if it were contagious. But one day, without you noticing it, it started to annoy you terribly and now you are not having it. If you feel the urge to grab a broomstick and start hitting the ceiling, the transformation is completed!

6. Insects do bother you.



They did before, but you were just too penniless to admit it. Now they are becoming an issue, while they conquer more and more territories. Since the landlord won’t hear of bringing an exterminator in, you are left with two options: to kill yourself slowly by using an inadvisable amount of insecticide daily or surrender to their rule and flee now you still can.

7. Sunlight is something you’ve learnt to appreciate


You didn’t really mind that you were living in what’s basically a dungeon. But now that you know how weekend mornings look like, you may have begun to rethink your situation. Since you might spend your weekdays working indoors, you’re feeling the lack of Vitamin D. If you relate to this situation, maybe it’s time to migrate to a sunny land!

8. Your things just don’t fit anymore


Wait, how did this happen? Like, your room felt like a palace when you first got here! But somehow you’ve hoarded tons of things you didn’t even know you needed and now you can’t get rid of. Congrats, you are an adult! Luckily, this process can be reverted, and you might even find yourself being a fan of the tiny house movement!

9. You spend more time cooking than eating


If you still eat pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner, good for you! I support you! Otherwise, you might have outgrown your kitchen by now. Old apartments come with old appliances and little room more often than not. And there’s nothing more annoying that preparing that cordon bleu for hours and burning it because of that rickety oven of yours. Also, small kitchens are simply the worst! I’m sure there are more accidents because of the lack of space!

And I still need that colander clean, Mark! Get your act together!

10. You feel it in your bones


No known force in the universe seems stronger than conviction. And once you have set your mind on the fact that your apartment is not for you anymore, there’s no way you will see it as you saw it before. It might start after a friend makes a remark about your kitchen’s cabinets or one morning when your wandering gaze notices yet another crack in your bathroom’s tiles. Either way, once the first drop falls, the ripples will soon become waves and your patience will grow smaller day by day.

Just remember that impatience is the worst enemy of a home hunter: you might end up in a worse place than you were before! So keep resisting until you find your perfect home! Here’s a checklist of everything you have to pay attention to when visiting open houses, so you make sure of it!

I know life is not always simple and you can’t always get what you want. Maybe you can’t move, either because you can’t afford it, your lease is for another year or you just have too many things going on right now. And that’s absolutely fine! Just focus on the positive! Maybe you can make a couple of improvements to freshen up the place. And, in case  you want to move in the future, here are some tips to get your home deposit back!

Did you get all the GIFs references? Do you miss any reason why somebody should move to another apartment? Tell us in the comments below!

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