10 rooms from movie history that would make the pe...

10 rooms from movie history that would make the perfect house

If you were to choose you favorite movie home, you would probably have a handful of amazing houses in mind, plus maybe a couple of manors or summer villas. There are so many movies with fantastic architecture and interior design! I just couldn’t pick one. So I decided to “make” my own imaginary home room by room based on some of the best movie sets.

First, I laid down some rules: I wouldn’t pick period houses like those in Pride & Prejudice, Gone with the wind or Atonement. Of course those mansions are amazing, but it’s a whole new level (and, fingers crossed, a whole new post). I wanted the house to look somewhere I could live in without wearing a lavish frock, even if -spoiler alert- I couldn’t resist some temptations!

The second rule is that I wouldn’t care if it doesn’t exactly match styles. Everybody likes very different stuff and hey, it’s my dream home and I can get as eclectic as I want! Also, third rule is that they can’t be a flat, it has to be an actual house so the room sizes kind of need to fit altogether.

1. Outside: Under the Tuscan Sun (2003)

Ok, so first we need a house to fit everything inside. As usual, there would be a thousand different buildings you could choose, from Home Alone’s to the winter retreat in The Bodyguard or the marvelous family house in Father of the Bride. All of them are fantastic and I wish I could end up there. But this villa surrounded by cypresses and gardens bathed by Italy’s sunlight is just magical. There are also plenty of amazing Italian villas on movies, but this one is little enough to let me convince myself that I could own it one day! Best thing? Now it’s a guesthouse and you can stay overnight for real!

2. Hall and staircase: Cheaper by the dozen (2003)


The whole house of Cheaper by the Dozen is beautiful (and massive!), but I especially like that irregular staircase, those folding doors and all the light that’s coming in. The new home of the Baker family has just enough space for the whole tribe, but it won’t be long until chaos reigns again amongst its hallways. The father, Steve Martin, will have to figure out how to deal with it in the absence of his wife. Still, we like it in its own messy way, and wouldn’t mind to have a smaller version of it to welcome our friends at a fancy cocktail party.

3. Living room: It’s Complicated (2009)

it's complicated movie living room

Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin have a very complicated relationship in this comedy. Perhaps the most unknown movie from this list, it’s actually quite famous amongst interior designers, since the decoration is so neat and eclectic. I love its timber beams, the discreet fireplace and that vintage wardrobe that actually houses the TV! Actually, there’s a whole post dedicated to this property on Hooked on Houses, a site where you can also find many other amazing movie homes.

4. Kitchen: Practical Magic (1998)

practical magic kitchen movie

This Gothic-revival Victorian mansion where two sisters live their dramatic lives with their witch aunts isn’t probably the set you would picture to have breakfast every morning in. But once you see Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman walking around those beautiful cabinets, you cannot unsee them. It had the perfect mix between vintage and up-to-date. Kind of like you can cook comfortably on its stove but still feel like a Downton Abbey’s character. You can appreciate better the whole thing watching this video from minute 0:54. And dance to the catchy tune while you are at it!

5. Bedroom 1: Amelie (2001)


It doesn’t matter if it’s a bedroom from a flat and not a proper house, nor the fact that we don’t see much more from it. What’s important is the whole combination of light, colours and, ehem, THOSE PAINTINGS. Forget those corny pictures of your children or a random sunset on a beach you have never been. Animal illustrations on vintage frames are a thing. And if they are not, I hereby declare them right now!

Amelie, starred by Audrey Tautou, has an iconic photography that makes the whole film absolutely delightful. Other movies you can watch if you like this style are those from Wes Anderson, such as The Royal Tenenbaums.

6. Bedroom 2: Mamma Mia (2008)

mamma-mia bedroom movie

Very much in harmony with the Mediterranean façade of our imaginary home, Donna’s Greek bedroom from Mamma Mia (yeap, Meryl Streep again) looks both stylish and comfy. It’s amazing how you can put an ironing table and a toolbox there and it only makes it more special. It just looks like someone is living there right now, and I like that feel. Also, that carpet!

7. Bathroom: Pretty Woman (1990)

pretty woman bathroom movie

Now it’s time for cheating: as many of you will know, this bathroom from Pretty Woman is in a hotel room, not a house of any of the characters. But still! Look at the size of that bathtub! It can only be topped by Scarface’s or Cleopatra’s! But those were from palaces, so I kept my promise… So far.

8. TV room: The Holiday (2006)

holiday movie theater

Both homes from The Holiday could also have made the cut in any of the categories, but I chose Cameron Diaz’s TV room because… look at all those movies! It’s actually a good thing I don’t have that at home, otherwise I would never see the sunlight again!

TV rooms are becoming more and more popular. They are perfect for family and friends gatherings and they can be easily built in cellars, since the less light there are, the better. And, this way, you keep your living room for the actual living, to spend quality time with your family or flatmates without the need of a screen.

9. Study room: The Lake House (2006)

lake house interior movie

And yet another house that is simply stunning in every possible way. I mean, the whole movie is about that building, that’s how great it is! Sandra Bullock (again!) and Keanu Reeves find themselves tangled in a pretty intense timey-wimey situation in that home and I still can only think about how the light hits that window gallery. I just die of envy seeing Keanu working on his designs on that table, overlooking the lake. It’s just a piece of art that could have been created by Frank Lloyd Wright or Mies Van der Rohe.

10. Indoor swimming pool: Meet Joe Black (1998)

meet joe black movie swimming pool

This might be a tiny bit of a stretch, given the fact that this indoor swimming pool is probably the size of the whole house. But hey! We are here to daydream, right? This incredible room is portrayed several times over the movie and has the honor to host one of the juiciest moments in the history of cinema, starred by Brad Pitt and Claire Forlani. Including this in the list is basically cheating, since the family mansion is something most people couldn’t afford in a hundred lifetimes. However, I just wanted to stress how beautifully set this room is, with those sistine-chapel-like ceilings, the arched windows, the chess tiles and that whimsical light coming out of the pool.

And so my home is complete.

That’s all, folks! There are many other movie homes that could have make the list, so don’t hesitate to tell us in the comment section below. Also, if you’d like to add a garden to the house to have the whole set, I suggest you read this interesting post from Apartment Therapy so you can pick your own!

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