Change your home with the seasons!

Are you sick of always rain, snow or cold temperatures in December? Or have you never seen snow before because you live in a country where it is always warm? While telecommuting becomes more and more popular, people are starting to relocate to more exotic locations with one single priority: wifi connection. The rest is up to everyone’s taste. So if you feel like opening a new chapter in your life, here are our four top country picks to experience the best seasons around the world!

January to March in Gold Coast, Australia

How about a nice house at the beach at the Gold Coast, with 300 sunny days a year. Maybe finding a place right at the waterfront, living the laid back Australian lifestyle, getting to know their style of architecture and December days with 30 degrees right at the beach… Not bad!

April to June in Barcelona, Spain

Were you always interested in Gaudi’s art and wanted to live in a city which has great temperatures all year around? Barcelona is the place to be, right at the sea, surrounded by mountains and full of life. Spring is the perfect time to visit Barcelona and its surroundings, everything starts to blossom and the temperature is perfect for wondering around. A little studio apartment in the heart of the city ? Or maybe a bigger house a little bit outside in a cute Catalonian town by the beach?

July to September in Canton of Uri, Switzerland

Have you never seen snow or always wanted to live the European lifestyle? How about a little cottage right in the heart of Switzerland? Learn how to ski, go hiking or discover all the little towns and Christmas markets in the area. You will feel like in a white fairy tale when coming back home to warm up with a mug of mulled wine in front of the fire stove overlooking the beautiful mountains.

October to December in Phuket, Thailand

Are you tired of working 9:00-17:00 in the city where you have lived your whole life? How about something more exotic like the never-ending beaches of Phuket, where you can experience the real Thai life and traditions. Warm weather, friendly people, a new language and delicious street food. Just remember to go at the dry seasons!

Why should you spend some seasons abroad:

We understand moving overseas to a completely different country and culture can be overwhelming but it will open your horizon and lets you experience seasons from a completely new perspective. Still having doubts? Here are our five reasons why everyone should live abroad for a year once in their life.

1.It Strengthens your character

When facing challenges on a daily basis – from finding a suitable place to live to finding new friends in an unknown city – a resilience will slowly develop. Yes, there will be moments when you will want to burst in tears, but in the end it would be still down to you to pick yourself up and keep going. And THIS will make you so much stronger. Get out of your comfort zone, it will all be worth it.

2. Makes your CV stand out

Living abroad can give you the competitive edge in a tough job market. Almost everybody can show their degree of their home country, but having lived abroad and worked in an international environment far away from home, now this is what makes you stick out of the crowd.

3. Taste changing

A curious thing may happen once you relocate. You may develop a taste for things you wouldn’t have considered before. The local food will open a myriad of new sensations. The local fashion sense will start to influence your choices. And once you return to your home country you will realise how much this year has changed you and opened your horizon.

4. Adapting to new cultures

You will learn new ways of doing things and understand how a different historical background has predefined the current attitudes. You can also immerse yourself in the local language not just to improve your communication skills, but to build a better picture for yourself of the culture and expectations in different countries.

5. Appreciate your roots

And last but not least, once you have lived overseas you will start to appreciate your home town much more. You will start to see things so differently. You even might think of that one dish you always had in that exact restaurant. And you start reminiscing over the friendships back home you will find a new love for your own roots.

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