Who is your perfect TV flatmate? Take our quiz!

Who is your perfect TV flatmate? Take our quiz!

Are you in school? Did you just finish your degree? Or have you been already working for years but the rent in your city seems like you are buying a Rolex for a stranger? We know the feeling!

So finding a flatmate seems to be the only way to get some independence on a reasonable budget. However, we know first hand what it’s to have your side of the bathroom overtaken by mysterious creams or have your shelf in the fridge raided just after you go shopping. We can all agree that living with other people is a challenge and that finding the right roommates is the key to having a peaceful life at home.

But finding someone you like or get along with isn’t an easy task. Generally the more you try and actively find them, the more rare they seem to become. But here at Trovit, we’ve got you covered with a quick quiz.

Take this quiz to find your perfect TV Roommate.

Best flatmates

In the case that Jerry Seinfeld, Charlie Harper or Grace Adler tell you their flatshares are full but they’ll call you if a room frees up, you can use these results to discover the type of personality you should look for in a roommate.

If, however, you already have a flatmate but the situation is difficult, be sure to check out Trovit’s Survival Guide to Sharing an Apartment.

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