Rural vs. Urban: which one is better for you?

Rural vs. Urban: which one is better for you?

Everything in life is about making choices. Option A implies that there is always an option B that could be taken: getting married or not, having kids or getting another cat, buying a new car or still being a bicycle freak… Hard decisions are those which specially influence and determinate your way of living, and deciding where you are going to spend your life is a very important one. Today in Trovit we want to give you some points to consider if your are doubting about staying in the city center of moving to a rural area.

The more centric, the better (or maybe not)

Confess it. We have all dreamt in a moment of our lives with living in Mónica and Rachel’s apartment, and enjoying a cup of coffee in the Central Perk in the evenings. Living in the city center is very comfortable. You just need to jump out of your window and find three cinemas, the best Japanese restaurants, the subway station and supermarkets, all in one. However, having lunch everyday in a beautiful and bucolic yard while listening to the birds singing just like Meryl Streep in Out of Africa is not a bad idea either. Are you more a cinema-theatre-Starbucks-shopaholic person or a peaceful reader who watches the rabbits and cows eating the grass in front of you?

Like Simon and Garfunkel said…

Changing the police sirens and the noises from the workers who fix your neighbor’s pipes for the moo of the cows and the bray of the donkeys of the rural areas is the most similar to flying to India and joining an intensive and spiritual yogi retirement community. You will find peace and even yourself. By the way, do you remember the last time you heard the sound of silence?

What is that smell?

Yes. At the beginning maybe everything you smell when you arrive to the countryside is the intense aroma of the cow’s patties. But little by little you will start realizing better smelling ones: the scent of the fresh herb, the smoke of the bonfire… Saying goodbye to the city polluted air, the smoke of the cigarette this person is having in front of you and the sweating meat-head while in the subway could be a decisive motivation factor to leave everything and become an aubergines farmer.

Working from home

Maybe a very good Internet connection helps you to do your job from your cozy cabin; but not being in the core of your work may make you miss some important things… Many times, it’s your profession that leads you to choose to live in rural or urban areas. But as the technologies advance, the decision is getting less related to “what you do” and more to “what you want”. Freelancing from your home desk is becoming a very common habit.

In the other hand, the job opportunities you may have living in the countryside are probably less than in a big city. Also, there are plenty of cozy suburban areas that get you that relaxing feeling without having to live in the mountains. But if you are looking for a drastic change, retiring the suit and taking the dungarees and some pumpkin seeds may be exactly what you need.

Family friendly

Differences between raising a kid in the city and in a rural area are obvious. On one hand, when in the city you will be kind of on the alert all the time: watch out the cars in the street, hundreds of people in the metro, the playgrounds that are like islands in the middle of a big ocean. You can’t leave your kid out to play with friends as easily as you could let him if you were living in the countryside. Villages are safer than big cities, and it can even be a decisive factor when deciding to have children or not. On the other hand, maybe the scholar advantages you could have in the cities can’t be compared to the countryside. Even if there are good schools in the countryside, the options are wider in the cities, like international or private schools.

Wherever you decide to live, we do not doubt that you will make the best of it. Here in Trovit we only want to help you search for the life you want!

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