Home staging: everything you need to know

Home staging: everything you need to know

So you want to sell your home, and you want to sell it fast. Of course, you love it and you are sure its cuteness won’t pass unnoticed by potential buyers. And maybe, just because of that, they might overlook its flaws. After all, you have managed to live there perfectly comfortably all these years. That’s your first mistake. People don’t want to live in a place that already has issues, and they certainly don’t want to see the pictures of your great-grandma Edna. They want to make it theirs and they want to start living there without much renovation hustle. Your job is to make sure they feel this the very moment they pass your doorway. And you can achieve that following five easy home staging steps.

Clean up

The first thing that drives buyers away is dirtiness. If you want to sell a house, you need to clean every inch of it and make sure everything is tidy. Otherwise, the visitors will assume you are as careless with maintenance as you are with house keeping. Use this general cleanup to check every single appliance, fixture and tile so don’t forget to include it in your “to-fix list”.

Grab a brush and start painting!

Re-painting the walls is one of the cheapest ways to give a property a makeover. Solely by freshening up the wall paint with neutral, relaxing colors you will give you home a newer, fancier look. Also, this will allow you to cover small cracks, damps and nail holes. Mind that renovating the walls is something you should do once every 3-7 years, according to Ecopainting, depending on the rooms and the quality of the paint you used last time. So if you feel like you are just throwing away money by painting it for strangers, just remember you have probably saved it previously by not painting it when you were supposed to.

Pro tip: There’s a special kind of paint for the space between your tiles, so don’t worry if they are a bit musty. Just don’t forget to clean them before applying it!

The devil is in the fixtures

An old bathtub can seem almost new by scrubbing it thoroughly and installing new faucets. This rule applies to so many items at home. Kitchen cabinets, sink, toilets, doors, lamps and basically anything with metal fixtures. Switches and sockets are also very easy to replace. Nothing says “I don’t care” more than a crooked light switch!

Also, you can use this small renovation to update fixtures to current trends. This way, the property will look up-to-date for a minimum cost!

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Small changes are everything when staging

We can all agree that it doesn’t make sense to buy new furniture if you are getting rid of the house. But it also doesn’t make sense to leave it as it is. The best thing you can do is to declutter your home as much as you can, leaving only the essentials behind. The more neutral the colors are, the better. Then, go and buy a few pillows, flowerpots or paintings to make it look hip. It’s not like it has to look as impersonal as a hotel room, but the idea is that people can imagine themselves living there by deleting your personal stuff. Of course, there are pieces of furniture that make fantastic additions to your decor, but mind that not everybody will have the same fashion sense as you do, so maybe hide that red-velvet ottoman you inherited from your aunt.

Lights, camera, action!

It’s time to actually show off your hard work! Proper lighting makes a big difference for a room. It’s called home staging for a reason! Your home is a stage and a stage needs the proper light. Light bulbs are relatively cheap, so don’t go for the cheapest options here. There’s a whole world of home staging lighting, but I’ll try to be brief: use the same kind of bulbs for the same room, replace yellowed lamp shades and add more sources of light to the rooms. Oh, and FORGET about neon lights. They are just unflattering and generally annoying.

Always keep in mind the prime source of lighting: the sun. Open those windows, get rid of the curtains if necessary, or replace them with neutral-colored ones. Let the light in and use lighting smartly in specially dark rooms so nobody notices!

And there you have it, a perfectly neat home ready for any visitor to fall in love with it! Your only problem will be regretting you are leaving, now that it looks so good!

If you still feel like you need to make more extreme renovations, don’t worry, we have you covered with this post!

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