How to decorate your room in a Feng Shui style

How to decorate your room in a Feng Shui style

“Feng Shui is a Chinese practice that is more than 3000 years old. Its aim is the creation of a harmonious vital area that comes up from the observation of nature. It connects Feng, which means air; and Shui, which means water.”

In the past few years the Feng Shui rules have become an increasingly popular trend among in the art of interior design. However, there are still many people who don’t know what it is. We have compiled some of the basic principles to decorate your bedroom following this style.

The bedroom is the main place where you relax and disconnect and it must provide you intimacy and silence. Its organization has an impact on your feelings and attitude towards life and also sets your future goals or failures.

Ready to do some changes? We’ll show you how to do it!

Bed position

The bed is the main protagonist of the bedroom and its correct position is crucial. It symbolizes the Yin (rest and serenity) whilst doors and windows conform the Yah (light and movement). It must be in diagonal, accessible from both sides and not aligned with any door.

The Feng Shui defends that the head of the bed has to be placed on a solid wall and never under a window. Furthermore, it must be free of shelves, lamps or paintings over it.

It is also recommended to have the window and the door visible from the bed to feel safer.

Organize the space

The bedroom must be organized, the bed made and your clothes and other belongings gathered in closed furnitures such as wardrobes or closets, but never under the bed. Take the chance and clean your bedroom of accessories you don’t need anymore.


White, pastel colors and soft brown tones facilitate lighting and help you create relaxation, harmony and tranquillity in your bedroom. Besides, they allow more flexibility with the decoration of space regarding pictures, furniture and floors.


Feng Shui upholds that mirrors emanate negative energy, so it is preferable not to hang them and other metallic materials in the bedroom. Likewise, it is better to avoid aggressive shapes and contours like tables with sharp corners.

Other accessories such as curtains, blankets and cushions are good options to establish an adequate environment. If you want to include pictures, analyze what they transmit and represent and if they go on the same line with your feelings and personality.

Plants and nature also help with preventing stress and depression. Include plant pots, flowers and landscape paintings in your bedroom, although not in excess.


Lighting must be soft and warm, and even better if it comes from floor lamps or bedside tables rather than roof light, even if it is bright and white.

  • Leave the wardrobes and closets open
  • Use noisy and overloaded decorations (go for simple!)
  • Use synthetic blankets and carpets
  • Use right colors
  • Use old blankets
  • Include many plugs and electromagnetic devices
  • Keep unnecessary accessories

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