Upgrade your walls for very little money

Upgrade your walls for very little money

Walls are an important aspect to consider when decorating our home, as they provide harmony and a good atmosphere to the rooms. However, dedicating some resources or time to customize and renovate them is not always a priority. Whether we want to preserve the same style for all the rooms or personalize them, there are always some creative options to choose from that will rejuvenate the atmosphere of your house. And this does not have to cost a fortune.

The touch of color

This trend has already become a classic, and rightly so! Paint just one of the walls in a contrasting color in order to add a high dose of vitality. You can select between warm colors (red, yellow, orange) if you want to convey energy and positivism; or cold colors (blue, purple, green) if you prefer serenity and tranquillity. Whatever the chosen color is, you can decide between soft or strong tones as well.


A vinyl is an adhesive that adjusts in the most of smooth or slightly rough surfaces such as walls, ceilings, crystals, painted paper or doors. You can buy them in physical and online shops, and they are a perfect resource for the ones who don’t want or can’t paint again. There are vinyls for everyone: from a friendly and single detail to a decoration that transforms the entire wall!

Tip! Have you ever seen vinyls that glow in the dark? Look how amazing they look!

Vinilos brillo oscuridad

Back to school

Did you know that you can transform a wall into a blackboard with just one coat of paint? Wherever you prefer to have it (in the kitchen, the children’s bedroom…), it will be equally beautiful and useful. You can decorate a little part of the wall or the whole one if you want. The most typical colors are black and green but you can also use different ones. If so, remember that you must previously apply a white coat of paint to make sure that the final color is the one you want.

Art gallery

Print some of your best pictures in quality paper or buy engaging postcards in order to create a custom art gallery. If you don’t want to put them directly in the wall, you can use a cork or even a string where you can hang memories, notes, accreditations, flight tickets, trips details or other material to create a versatile and personalized room.

If you are already settled in a home or still looking for a flat, don’t forget to decorate your walls. And if you have already done it, we invite you to share your ideas, experiences and photos with us in the comments below!

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