Why is an energy efficient home going to save you ...

Why is an energy efficient home going to save you money?

So you are looking for a property that fits all of your requirements and it’s hard enough without adding the energy efficiency one on the top of that. Nevertheless, considering moving to an environmentally friendly home could mean a whole lot more than you may think of at first.

Better performance

A home prepared to be efficient is much more effective. It controls the temperature better as well as indoor humidity; this reduces the likelihood of moisture on the walls and the damage caused to the furniture. It has more natural light, which is better for your eyes and your electricity bills.

More comfort

The insulation of the walls offers you some peace and quiet and at the same time it keeps the temperature stable, avoiding any drastic rise and falls.

It’s healthier

It improves the quality of the air, controls the indoor humidity and regulates the temperature which helps the immune system, specially for small children, the elderly and people with allergies.Furthermore, non-toxic materials protect you from future surprises.

Saves money

It might look like an expensive investment, but it’s proven to pay off in the mid run (5-10 years). Your bills will be considerably lower while you will be enjoying a healthier and more comfortable lifestyle. In addition, the materials used are often high quality and will last much longer than the ones that are usually used.

Tax rebates

Many countries have environmentally friendly incentives to promote going green. Check your government’s website and find out if they can offer an incentive, if so you can have an idea of how much you can save. Also, there are often special mortgages for energy-efficient houses, which can help you afford your new home.

Helps the environment

It might seem obvious but it’s also important to mention. Homes are a huge source of pollution. In the U.S. alone they represent 16 percent of the yearly greenhouse gas emissions because of the fossil energies they depend on. This is the only planet we have, so by trying to live a little bit greener and by joining the conversation you are already helping saving it. Here’s to you!

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