Picks of the month: Bauhaus homes any designer wou...

Picks of the month: Bauhaus homes any designer would die for

Sometimes we search for a home, and sometimes a home finds us. This is what I felt when I was surfing through Trovit’s search results and saw this article’s featured image. I was struck by the original shapes of the building and the harmony of colors of the surroundings. Then I checked the entire property and saw that everything just looked spacious, clean and designed to the millimeter. Much unlike my home! Then, I found another one, and then another one… and I just kept finding homes with a style I didn’t know the name of. After some research, I discovered it was Bauhaus, an art style born in the Germany in the 20’s that transformed modern architecture, sculpture and overall design.

Bauhaus’ aim was to join all forms of art together in a “total work of art”, rather than just creating elements individually. They designed chairs, teapots, lamps… everything from the basement to the roof! And that’s what makes these homes special. The homogenous and “clean” style, that uses a handful of primary colors and shapes to radiate tranquility and, why not, class.

Long story short, at a time when Europe was all about unnecessary flowery ornamentation, this people created a simple, ergonomic and tasteful design that shaped the future of art. You will probably recognize some of the names of these illustrious movement, such as Walter Gropius, Mies Van der Rohe or Kandisnky. If you want to read more about my new favorite architecture style, check this article. If not, let’s move on to this month’s amazing Bauhaus mansions!

Historic Bauhaus home in Brussels (Belgium)

It looks like it was built yesterday, but this property is actually from 1928. Right at the peak of the Bauhaus movement! And it was granted an award in 1930 because of its ground-breaking style, absolutely ahead to its time. But don’t worry, ever since then the building has been renewed to include nowadays’ standards.

The house is as spacious as it can be, and there’s plenty of light coming in every room. Also, you can enjoy the views of a nearby forest, or just rest up in its spectacular indoor swimming pool.

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If you want to know more about this amazing building, click here.

Sophisticated countryside mansion in Cheshire (England)

Less than an hour away from Manchester stands Manden House, although “house” is a far too mundane word to describe it. Definitely an understatement. The property, surrounded by landscaped gardens, would be a dream come true for Walter Gropius, the prophet of the Bauhaus movement. Living in that open space, full of light and cutting edge technology will surely be a total contrast from the rainy countryside one can enjoy from its windows.

However, for those sunny days in summer, the mansion has an splendid feature. You can fold both the front and rear glazed doors to open the whole space and connect it to the nature.

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Are you curious to read more about this mansion? Here’s the listing!

Seaside summer dream home in Palma de Mallorca (Spain)

Moving south to a summer destination, here’s another piece of art in the form of a house. The elements are the same as in the previously described ones: spacious, loads of light and sleek furniture that would made any Bauhaus fan cry of envy. What’s new? The spectacular mediterranean views and surrounding seafront forest. It just gives the style an extra touch of summer vibes, completed with an infinite pool to die for.

Everything is balanced and serene… Nothing that can’t be fixed with a summer pool party!

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Find more details about this seaside haven here.

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