Picks of the month: full color and harmony

Picks of the month: full color and harmony

If there’s something that we’ve learnt about the real estate sector is that there are properties of every style. Big or small, downtown or in the suburbs, minimalist or flamboyant, modern or traditional…. There are homes for all tastes and colors! Now that the good weather is coming to Barcelona, at Trovit we have compiled the most colorful houses we’ve found on our search engine. Each one is original in its own way. They combine wall colors and decoration to give a unique and special touch to each space. That is, full color and harmony!

1. Harmony at its maximum splendor (United States)

This house is pure color! Both inside and outside, this home in Bisbee (USA) is decorated following the traditional Mexican style. Colourful walls, doors, furniture, decoration… it is impossible to find a blank space! This cozy cottage was recently remodeled and now it has a studio, central heating, double-pane windows and a new washing machine. Although it looks like it belongs to a storytale, this house is in perfect conditions to live in!

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You can find more details of this property here.

2. The purest Hawaiian style (Mexico)

Mexico definitely means originality and color! This house in Guanajuato is decorated in Hawaiian style and offers some features that make it unique. For example, the private garden has a small waterfall and fruit trees. As for the interior of the house, we must highlight the paintings in bright colors, carpets and tapestries, and decorative objects such as cushions, vases and statues. Everything as a whole makes the house a source of light, beauty and tranquility!

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If you want to know more of this house, you can do it here.

3. Color in small doses (Australia)

Although the two previous properties are full of color and energy in every corner, this apartment in Queensland endows harmony in a different way. Instead of invading every corner, it uses the small details to give a touch of character to each room. Using a base of white furniture, wall paint and ceilings, the house uses prints and combines decorative objects in blue, orange and green to provide vitality to each space.

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All the information regarding this property is here.

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