Picks of the month: Mansions inspired by Game of T...

Picks of the month: Mansions inspired by Game of Thrones

Summer is coming for some of us, but winter is arriving in the far continent of Westeros! The next season of Game of Thrones is almost here and, in case you didn’t notice, this home hunter is especially excited about it! So I thought, how would the houses in GOT look like in real/modern times? And the answer was just some clicks away! I hope you enjoy this list and don’t forget to make any suggestions in the comments section below!

Winterfell in Bergün, Switzerland

The ancestral home of the Stark family has never been exactly homy, even less after recent events! Yet, it has always been the center of the wildest region of Westeros. Winter is specially crude for the northerns, so they need thick walls and plenty of animal fur to survive it! This tower, located deep in a Swiss valley, may need a fix up, but it surely will protect you from whatever wants to cross the Wall.

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You can find more information about this property here.

King’s Landing near Moscow, Russia

The Red Keep might resonate for its colour, but it’s also well-known for being a haven of peace amid King’s landing chaos. Its countless balconies and gardens have witnessed many of our beloved Game of Thrones’ characters getting tricked by Littlefinger or the Spider. This property seems like its modest cousin because, after all, it’s not even a castle. However, one can easily imagine Queen Cersei enjoying her tenth goblet of wine in that porch, maybe watching some fireworks.

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Dorne in Marbella, Spain

There is no doubt that the Dornishmen know how to enjoy life. The semi-independent kingdom has maintained its relaxed traditions and winery know-how over the centuries. This mansion reflects their free spirit and lifestyle perfectly! Quiet gardens, fountains, astonishing views… and all the luxury you can imagine! From its marmor floors to the chandeliers hanging from the moulded ceiling. Best feature? You can enjoy all Game of Thrones episodes from its amazing cinema room! And it’s only two hours and a half away from the original set location in Seville!

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If you’re curious, here you will find more!

Harrenhal in Limoges, France

This ghostly legendary castle hasn’t been mentioned for a while, but let’s not forget it was the set for one of the most epic battles in Game of Thrones: Brienne of Tarth armed with a wooden sword against a Grizzly bear. That was epic! As in the book, this impressive fortress has seen better days, but with a small upgrade there’s no doubt it could be the proud home of any noble family of Westeros.

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All the details of this fortress are in this listing.

The Eyrie in Quito, Ecuador

Littlefinger’s stronghold on the top of a high peak didn’t need to be pretty, it just had to be safe. And this mansion has exactly everything any fortress should have… except it isn’t one. The large villa, located by a cliff, has features the size of giants, including a very suspicious door that we can only guess where it leads to…

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You can find everything about it here.

Casterly Rock in Lugano, Switzerland

Lannisters are, figuratively speaking (except for Jamie’s hand), made of gold. So there’s no way their mansion could be less splendorous that any other one in Westeros. This luxurious residence by a romantic lake has everything a Lannister could ask for… besides the Iron Throne!

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More details about this mansion here.

Dragonstone in Montreal, Canada

Probably a little less scary than you can imagine, this mansion is as majestic and colossal as Dragonstone should be. Not only that, it’s also located right by the sea! If the Targaryens knew how to conquer the Seven Kingdoms, I’m pretty sure they would know how to make an splendid residence with ocean views! I haven’t seen any dragon’s den, though.

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Bonus! Beyond the wall in Westeros…

I couldn’t pass on the opportunity of showing you one of the few properties that didn’t make it to the official list. There are plenty of castles in Westeros, and also across the Narrow Sea. And even more fortresses and residences that aren’t exactly the headquarters of noble houses. Anyway I wanted to show you this little damaged property, perfect for Craster’s numerous family. It might have too many cracks in the walls to survive the Winter, though…

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What do you think? Did you miss any family house of Westeros? If so, here’s a complete list of all the castles from our favorite Game of Thrones’s continent! And check this amazing real-life medieval palaces, only available for the deepest pockets!

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