Picks of the month: Halloween special

Oh, Fall! That beautiful time of the year when leaves turn the pavement in all shades of brown, orange and yellow. The streets in our lovely Barcelona smell like roasted chestnuts thanks to the street vendors and you get to splash on the puddles with you shiny boots. But there are people who specially welcome this season because it’s Halloween time. Whether you leave in an English-speaking country or not, Halloween is now everywhere you look. The closer we get to the scariest night of the year, the more you can watch scary movies on TV and the more decoration you will see around.

Of course, one of the most persistent topics on horror tales are haunted houses. There’s no need to explain why. Every neighborhood has a building you were challenged to get in when you were little and maybe still feel the spooks while passing by as an adult. Obviously, we couldn’t resist the temptation of making a compilation of our very own haunted houses posted on Trovit! Lay back and enjoy our little tribute to Halloween!

1. 1888 Victorian mansion in St. George, Canada

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No doubt Alfred Hitchcock could have set one of his movies in this old house. Historic exteriors and painfully baroque interiors make it a perfect combination between the Psycho’s and Rebecca’s set. But it could as well be the proud home of any eccentric nineteenth-century vampire, Interview with the Vampire style. Needless to say, I would strongly hesitate before staying for the night!

I would like to take a minute of your time to observe how that wine cellar is DEFINITELY hiding a secret door to a) the vampire’s crypt, b) Casper’s father’s secret lab, c) the meeting point for a millennial-old sect that only meets every full moon to make human sacrifices.

Anyway, it’s still a cool house, I give you that point. So check it here if you want to know more.

2. Abandoned factory in Dresden, Germany

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“Twenty years ago, four boys sneaked into the old factory to prove their mettle. No-one knows what really happened there, but rumor has it only one of them came back, only he had lost his mind and was speaking non-sense about…”. Seriously, this is the beginning of one out of four horror movies, and if we can learn something from them is that if people say there’s a haunted house/factory/pond/grocery store in your town just DON’T GO THERE. Like, seriously, stop trying to prove yourself, Michael, you’re only going to get killed by a psychopath, if the spirits don’t get you first!

Besides, this factory in Dresden looks like it could have been the secret lab for a mad nazi scientist, so I wouldn’t use the plot even for a cemetery!

If still you feel like this could be a good place for your startup’s cool new headquarters, go ahead, make nazi ghosts happy by buying it here.

3. The Doll House, Silverton (CO), USA

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There’s no need to explain on how many levels this house spooks the heck out of me. Everybody knows that porcelain dolls stopped being cute and started being creepy since… their invention. And even if when I was little I bothered my mum until I got one, I always found it strangely alive for being a doll. I don’t even know where it is right now… “Oh my God! She is right behind me!”. Ok, maybe not but you get the point, right?

So when a house has a porcelain doll, I always try to keep her within my eyesight while in the room. And this house has a porcelain doll almost in EVERY room. And with so many of them, I’m pretty sure they are plotting an uprising, so nope, I’m not planning a visit to the lovely Western-style town of Silverton.

Nevertheless, if you are a fan of period dolls or just generally enjoy being killed by tiny hands, click here to know more about this 1883 house.

Have you bumped into a haunted house amongst Trovit’s listings? Share it in the comment section below! And have a spooky Halloween!

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