Picks of the month: homes in amazing islands

Picks of the month: homes in amazing islands

If I asked you to close your eyes and imagine your ideal paradise, I am sure that the image of a desert island would come to your mind. Probably because, in a world dominated by the buzz, the crowds and stress of the city, tranquility and silence have become a kind of luxury. Especially for those of us who live in big capitals! It is not surprising that lonely islands represent the perfect place to escape from reality. They have something that inevitably attracts people… Maybe it’s the serenity they transmit, their range of blues and greens or, simply, how exotic they are!

People like, by nature to discover unusual destinations where they can live unique experiences. That is why, in this occasion, I have taken a look at the listings in our search engine to bring you something special. Three impressive refuges in the middle of these remote lands that magically emerge from the sea… perfect to live in, at least  for a season!

Spectacular beachfront house in Camano Island (USA)

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This blue and green paradise mixes sea and forest perfectly but without forgetting a touch of modernity. The property was built in 1992 and has every type of features that makes it the best place to disconnect. For example, a jacuzzi, a spa, and even a private gym. Practically all the residence has endless windows that offer wonderful views of the bay and its surroundings. Whether it’s summer or winter, I am pretty convinced that they must be spectacular. I personally would love to enjoy a rainy landscape of the island in front of the chimney… and you?

You can find more information about this property here.

Private island in Stockholm’s archipelago (Sweden)

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Sweden has a unique charm, and for many reasons! The quality of life, its culture and its privileged location make it one of the most attractive countries in northern Europe. By the way, did you know that the Stockholm archipelago has more than 30,000 islands? This property on Svartsö island perfectly reflects the essence of the Nordic country. Although  it may look small from the outside, do not be fooled. In addition to spending a pleasant stay inside, you can also go on boat trips, hiking, kayaking, and even fishing.

If you want to know more, visit the ad here or check out this video!

Paradise between waters near Vancouver (Canada)

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I could not forget Canada in my selection of where to live on an island. This immense country is practically bordered by scattered pieces of charming land! Although this is not part of the well-known Thousand Islands archipelago, this little haven of peace near Vancouver deserves a place in our favorites of the month. The residence is located on Bowen Island and is perfect for spending a summer season enjoying the spectacular views of the sea and the surroundings. Imagine a sunset on the terrace, watching the horizon… Incredible, right?

For more details about this refuge, click here.

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