Picks of the month: medieval palaces in perfect co...

Picks of the month: medieval palaces in perfect conditions

When I was little, I dreamed about living in one of those enchanted palaces shown in Disney movies. I could picture myself running down their corridors, admiring the majestic paintings, strolling in their lush gardens, sitting down on those tables always full of the most exquisite delicacies… Like every other kid would!

One of the most impressive palaces was Beauty and the Beast’s haunted castle. The dance room, kitchen, the formidable library, the infinite spiral staircase… A fortress inspired in very real constructions as the Château de Chambord, according to The Hollywood Reporter, or Neuschwanstein Castle. That’s why I was very curious to see how they reimagined the castle in the recently-released real-life version of Beauty and the Beast, starring Emma Watson. And it lived up to my expectations: I must highlight the delicacy and craft of every architectural detail.

So now I’m going back to my childhood and ask myself the following question: are there still such residential palaces? And since every day at Trovit we receive thousands of ads, I just had to make a little research. After all, dreaming is free of charge!

The splendor of Scotland

Scotland is a land of castles, so we couldn’t speak about medieval palaces without including it. This 16th century impressive castle is located only three miles away from Edinburgh. It has four acres of natural park, forest and a walled garden. From the top of the round tower one can enjoy the splendid views of the surrounding hills.

In recent years it has been used for commercial purposes, but in the past it was home for prominent people. Have you seen the stained glass? It’s an original detail that will make you feel like you are traveling back in time.

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Pure romanticism in Germany

It may not show, but this impressive palace in Travenbrück was built in 1526. Its historic elements like the stucco mouldings, its large windows, the door panels of classic style and the many wooden arcs exquisitely carved are a perfect depiction of the romanticist style. With a living area of 752m² on a terrain of 84000m², it features 18 bedrooms. It also has a splendid terrace from which you can enjoy the surrounding landscape.

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Fairytale Château in France

Our last favorite of the month is a French palace built in the 16th century in Caen, Normandie. There’s no need to say that France is the country of enchanted fortresses and fairytale palaces, as we can see in Liz Rowlinson’s article. Of course it is! This castle was built in a beautiful park adjoining a massive forest. The state’s entrance is a beautiful gate with twin towers that leads you to the main building, with a living space of 600m². Amongst its peculiarities you can find the delicate wood-carvings from the 18th century and beautiful parquet floors inspired in Versailles itself.

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