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A new year began and so its new year’s resolutions, that will have probably fade out by the time you read this. I know mine did. I wanted to keep my feet on the ground for once but here I am again looking for the most fabulous listings at Trovit! When I saw these properties I just couldn’t resist the temptation of making a whole post about the most atypical mansions posted in our search engine. They are just so unique!

I like to think that each one of them has a different personality. There’s the cozy one, the millionaire’s holiday retreat, the historic jewel… And with each personality comes a backstory… It seems like you could write a whole book about each one of them! Ready to meet them?

Victorian Mansion in Australia

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Welcome to the History train, next stop Victorian Australia! Walking down the Quenscliff beach one could think this is just a millionaire’s eccentric homage to the Past. But do not be skeptical, this is an authentic heritage-registered site, dating from 1883. And, believe it or not, it was considered a bold design at its time due to its atypical flat rooftop, from which you can see the waterfront and the night lights of Melbourne.

Nowadays the property stands proudly with its identical colonnaded façades, and the renovation plan is just as outstanding. This upgrade will include an indoor swimming pool, a library, a billiards room and a crazily neat kitchen, amongst other things. But it will respect its lovely features like the main staircase, the pressed metal ceilings or the original stained glass windows. Ah, did I forget to mention it? It has its own name: Lathamstowe, in case you want to read its story.

Start to imagine yourself living there here.

Magical Mexican villa

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This house’s style, described as “classic mexican”, is anything but classic. One can see that both the architect and the decorator had plenty of fun designing this atypical manor.

Surrounded by a 1000m2 garden of plants and fruit trees, this mansion’s location is as unique as its design: it lays on a rich valley by the green mountains and the pyramid of Tepozteco, an archeological site from the 13th-12th centuries. Not bad, huh?

The house is fully furnished with extraordinary original pieces and its handcrafted woodwork is just the coziest thing ever. It also features a swimming pool, a jacuzzi, a totally independent guest house and a typical “palapa” (a mexican open-sided dwelling), amongst other things.

Check out more about my new favorite house ever here.

Imperial Russia residence

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Passing through the rooms of this mansion, one can perfectly imagine Anna Karenina writing her love letters on one of these desks. It looks as if time had stopped and decided to be benevolent with moldings, gold foil, tapestries and upholstery. And though this probably wouldn’t be my first choice for decoration, I must admit that one little part of me wouldn’t mind feeling like a Russian princess for a day.

The property, located in the centre of Yalta, is surrounded by gardens, it has 11 rooms and (why not?) a sauna. Yalta is a resort city known for decades as the top summer destination of the Russian upper-class, and a popular port for cruises around the Black Sea. This mansion is lucky to be by the seaport, where one can enjoy a casual stroll all seasons of the year, or go to the nearby beaches.

If we have awaken the little aristocrat in you heart, click here to learn more about it!

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