Picks of the month: mansions

Dreaming is for free, and we sure know that at Trovit as we dive into our listings imagining ourselves in the most luxurious and exotic mansions. And even if we love our cozy apartments in the heart of Barcelona, wondering about other locations is not going to hurt anybody, right?

This week we thought we would dream big, the biggest dreams yet! Without further ado, here are the most dreamy mansions we could find. The kind of mansion that would make Rockefeller green with envy. Not only these are huge houses fill with all the features required for the most lavish of the lifestyles, but also their location is unique. And, let’s face it, they are kind of awesome.

Curitiba, Brazil

This magnificent neoclassical house is located by a beautiful lake near Curitiba, in the enchanting state of Paraná. It isn’t difficult to imagine ourselves on one of the terraces of this mansion, enjoying the sunset over the ever-growing local vegetation and the quiet waters. With 5000m2 there’s plenty of space for you to enjoy life outdoors and indoors.

The mansion, with a sober classical style, has cleverly focused on the views. There are terraces and high windows on all three levels so you don’t miss a moment of sunlight; An indoor swimming pool with skylight and large windows  will make you feel like you are living in a greenhouse. Any takers? You can find it here!

Nice, France

Bienvenue à la Côte d’Azur! This is more of a time traveling than a dream: this Belle Époque mansion is nothing if not sophistication itself. Located in a corner of peace and tranquility over the Baie des Anges, it sits only 20 minutes away from the buzzing nightlife of Monte Carlo. This mansion is every Great Gatsby’s dream come true.

Decorated with the best of tastes, this 5 levels property of 1000m2 is set on a gardened plot of 5000m2 and features a wine cellar, Hammam, an indoor swimming pool and the most amazing views of the Mediterranean guaranteed, right from your bathtub.

If you want to keep daydreaming about this house, check it out here.

Emirates Hills, Dubai


The United Arab Emirates guarantees luxury, but the inhabitants at the Emirates Hills are at the top of the chain. This contemporary mansion is representative of what can be found in this exclusive community: 3 floors, 6 suites, gymnasium, landscaped garden, views of the lake, immediate golf course access and the most exquisite materials and appliances.

The mansion is decorated in a flourished Arab yet modern style, with lavish furnishings, marble incrustations, and woodcarvings that seem to come right out from The Arabian Nights: Tales from a Thousand and One Nights. Read more about it here!

We’ll write again next month but, in the meantime, you might want to check our previous Picks of the month: Mountain retreats and Waterfronts.

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