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As the year advances through August, the crowds in Barcelona have started to become unrelenting. Just getting to the office at 8am is almost impossible. The normal commute is overloaded with tourists getting an early start to sightseeing. It is clear we need to get away far from the maddening crowds and head for the mountains.

From the comfort of the office, we daydreamed our way through Trovit’s real estate ads to bring to you some magnificent mountain getaways. We hope we can all enjoy the peace and quiet and take advantage of the many seasonal mountain activities. Or you can enjoy year round outdoor bliss if you choose to call these places home.

Our Top Pick: Japanese mountain Retreat
trovits pick: japanese retreat

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The busy life in Tokyo can be overwhelming even to urbanites. This quaint single family home with a jacuzzi and a deck crafted from wood take full advantage of the breathtaking views of Yugawara-machi Yoshihama. The minimalisme and beauty of this property create the perfect environment for relaxing and resourcing.

The fully retractable windows look down over the property’s garden where you will be sure to find even more zen and inner peace.

You can find more about this property here.

Our Second Pick: Refreshing Canadian air.
Our Second Pick: Refreshing Canadian air.


There is nothing in life like the smell of a forest in the evening with a faint hint of wood smoke from the fire where the fresh caught fish is grilling. Then imagine sitting on 1st floor balcony sipping a brew while the sun sets. No internet, no emails, no distractions. Only the beginning of your communion with nature on this 29 acre plot and this amazing cabin retreat.

This is perfect for weekend getaways or as a permanent residence as it is only 10 minutes away from Bragg Creek and its fine dining and amenities.

You can find more about this property here.

Our Third Pick: Contemporary Alpine Chalet heaven
Our Third Pick: Contemporary Alpine Chalet heaven

Photo Credit: Luxury Estate

For those 007s of you out there, this contemporary Alpine chalet in Chamonix will fulfill every desire for a retreat you may have. If you have that taste for the better things in life but still want to escape the city, look no further. The main chalet with underground parking, 3 large rooms, an entire glazed wall, an outdoor jacuzzi and a 3 bedroom guest chalet will comfortably fit you and your partner. You can choose to buy it as is, or can have it furnished to the last detail following your desires.

From watching the sun rise while sipping a coffee to watching the snow fall while sipping a glass of wine, the disconnection from the real world is assured.

You can find more about this property here.

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