Picks of the month: the tiny house movement

Picks of the month: the tiny house movement

I have once again pushed my skilled Home Hunter qualities to the limit. During the past few days, I have been tracking our search results pages to bring you one more of  our Picks of the month. The fact is that during  this research I diddily ding dong have discovered really nice and tiny jeweleenos. I can imagine what you may be thinking: She has been infected by the Ned Flanders syndrome! But reality is not that cool. The reason why I am writing this way is because in this Picks of the month edition, I will show you an exquisite selection of the nicest tiny homes I have found throughout our website. In fact, I would not mind to riddly-spend a noodly-season in one of them…

Over the past  few years, tiny houses have become a thing. Beyond being just little houses, they represent a lifestyle, inspired by the idea of having a simpler life. The followers of this trend justify it by the appealing mantra of  the less I own, the freer I am.  Many other follow this trend based on the consciousness of the environment. There are also financial reasons to make the step and live in a tiny house. A paper about mortgages in the United States confirms that the 68% of tiny houses owners don’t need mortgages to pay their homes. Even at Harvard some students have designed their own tiny houses!

City of Angels

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15 minutes away from Griffith Park, this tiny bungalow has a huge garden. A real piece of heaven in the city of Angels. Find more information about this earthly dwelling through this link.

Hänsel and Gretel

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This little pink house located in Gentofte, Denmark, looks like it has been taken out of a fairy tale written by the Grimm brothers. The sweetest part of this tale? It is the description that the owner writes about the house. It was built in 1625 and has belonged to the same family for more than 90 years! The owner was even born there! In spite of being very ancient, the property is in excellent conditions. What about the back door? You will just jump into the lake! Find more information about this kind of Pink Panter house through  this link.

Idyllic rural retreat in Sweden

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This 33 square metre house with attic is located to the west of  Stockholm, in the Uppsala province. If you really want to join the simple life vibe and be in contact with nature, this is your place to be! It is not very difficult to imagine myself sunbathing is the warm swede sun while eating some herrings and having a glass of wine… Don’t you? Find more information about this property in through link.

What do you think about tiny houses? Even if there are many detractors of this style, would you move to a tiny house? Share your opinion with us!

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  1. Alicia

    22 February

    I love tinyhouses but it’s so hard to find them in my home country! Normally going tiny means going back to my life as a poor student. I hope to see more of these! Excellent picks, congrats!

    • Catherine

      20 March

      I guess my home is considered a SMALL HOME not quite a tiny home as mine is 525 square feet in total. But, it’s close.
      I’m in Canada and my husband and I have found it very easy to live with less space especially as were aging.

    • Mike Kerrigan

      14 July

      They’re so cute; fabulous. It would be like living in a fairy tale.

  2. I love this house. I wish buy a tiny hose.

  3. kukri1946

    20 March

    Fine if you don’t have cars – none of these house have garages 🙂

  4. susan

    20 March

    i would love one were can I get it or order it from

  5. Susan

    20 March

    we want 2 bedroom one bathrooms to rent to own it

    • Trovit

      21 March

      Hi Susan, at Trovit we have many listings that can match your requirements. We suggest you to go to our search engine and try a search! Remember to select the country where you’re looking for the property. Have a nice day!

  6. Eugenia Briscoe

    21 March

    Tiny houses are great for young people as a starter home. However some states or counties do not allow one to settle in them for long periods of time. I can’t think of any logical reason why but they just don’t. If you’re moving about then its a wonderful living space. All you have to do is find a trailer park. As much as I like them it would not be practical for me to own one to live in. At my age climbing up and down a ladder can become a bit tedious and stooping over in the sleeping area can get to be uncomfortable and painful over time. Which is why I say its great for young people. This could be nice as a temporary living space when on vacation though. Depending on how much time they will be out there.

  7. Sheree

    21 March

    I love the tiny house picks. I will be retiring in a few years and want to have my own tiny house.unfortunately I don’t see too many in Canada. I live in Ontario. Any information or tiny houses in Ontario would be great.

  8. Gerry Clarke

    21 March

    Generally, the minimum house that can be built in Qld is 60 sq m. This needs a minimum 14 sq m room, which can extend to 17 sq m to include the kitchen, then needs an minimum 11 sq m second room (this is usually the main bedroom). Other bedrooms can be 7.5 sq, so long as 2.2m wide, etc, etc, bathroom sizes 2.16 sqm or shwr 1.08 sqm, laundry 1.26 sqm, toilet sizes of 1.35 sqm (minimum width .9m). But, all in all, a 60 sq m home can have 3 bedrooms, and can be built far for economically than a 150 sqm home which most new land, with far-too restrictive covenants, want. Build your own timber frames in your own garage, and take them to your block of land and erect the house – just two or three trailer loads for the main small house. Gerry Clarke, Pocket Books, , read our front cover story about homelessness in the Caboolture Pocket Book, and what causes it. Ph (07) 5438 1881.

  9. Ivette Rodriguez-Mills

    22 March

    My husband and I are empty nesters. We have too big of an empty house now. I would DEFINATELY move into a Tiny House in a heartbeat. Less to clean and no empty unused spaces. Love it!!

  10. Marie Constant

    23 March

    I am the only one in my apartment, I would like to buy one, because I am selling the place. I really like tiny houses.Perfect

  11. baf

    23 March

    nice one.
    what is its cost
    from where can u purchase it

  12. baf

    23 March

    tres bien

  13. Brenda Sears

    24 March

    Tiny Houses are the Talk of the Town. My boyfriend’s mom is selling her house and wants to buy one near Peterborough, Ontario. Where should she start ??

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