Picks of the month: Winter lodges to stay warm thi...

Picks of the month: Winter lodges to stay warm this season

It’s officially winter here in Barcelona and, though we don’t get much snow here -none, to be precise- we are most certainly in the holiday mood. Living here by the sea has its perks, but one of my favorite is that we are a mere two-hour car ride away from the Pyrenees mountains. So anytime we feel like watching how the snow falls, trekking and skiing, it can’t get easier.

While planning my next visit to that Winter Wonderland I got inspired to write this post. There are snowy mountains all over the world, so why not searching for the most stunning winter lodges listed in Trovit?!

Rustic villa in Val d’Aran, Spain

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We start off not far from here, in Val d’Aran. This beautiful valley, deep in the mountains that create a natural frontier between France and Spain, has the perfect combination between nature and winter sports facilities.

That’s one of the reasons why this detached home is in such a lovely location for a winter getaway, while also being perfect for all year round trekking routes.

The lodge has been built using only local materials, such as wood, slate and stone. You can see that it’s been designed to look like a typical winter cabin, while including the appliances expected from a 21st century luxury home. But let’s be honest, the most important feature of it all is the stunning mountain view!

Start planning your winter holidays for the next twenty years by checking the house here!

Traditional Landhaus in Tyrol, Austria

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There can’t be a list of winter homes without an alpine retreat. And amongst the Alps, perhaps the Tirol, in the Austrian side, is the most renown region. Famous for its folklore, ski resorts and breathtaking views, this is the perfect setting for a very special home.

This traditional country house is as astonishing in the outside as in the inside. Its alpine style is respected throughout all the property, full of plenty of woodwork and cozy furniture. You can see the mountains from almost every window, as well as from the deck.

As you can see, this house is meant to be enjoyed all year round. Springtime must be wonderful with all that surrounding nature, and spending summer on that swimming pool is definitely on my top must-dos from this day on. Plus, there’s a golf course and the chair lift to the ski tracks a few minutes away. Not bad, ugh?

Keep daydreaming about a tyrolese lifestyle here.

Log cabin in Colorado, USA

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If the previous homes weren’t into the wild enough for you, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. This log cabin is in the middle of Rio Grande National Forest, high on Nelson Mountain, so you don’t have to see any human if you don’t want to! Actually, it will be quite difficult to get there yourself, in case you were wondering. To reach the property, you will need a 4WD in summer and a snow machine in winter, so be sure to stock enough food for the whole season!

But we are sure it’s totally worth it! Look at those views! Such wilderness and pure air can only be reached by going off the grid! Imagine yourself getting warm by that stove while watching the snow fall and hearing the murmur of the trees being rocked by the wind… Pretty sweet, am I right?

Answer to the call of the wild by clicking here and checking more about this winter lodge!

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