The 5 rules to find a kid-friendly home

The 5 rules to find a kid-friendly home

Being a parent is starting to be afraid of unusual things. Suddenly, the stairs are a threat, every window can be a lethal escape route, the porch looks more beautiful surrounded by protection webs, and the mezzanine (once in fashion)… now looks like a dangerous trampoline. If you are moving and are responsible for some little menaces, besides worrying about new neighbors and the location of the property, it is very important to take your kid’s safety into account – especially if there is one with more energy than a nuclear submarine.

Thinking about it, we talked with some friends and we researched several expert sources to get the best tips for those who have to be always attentive with the little troublemakers. Also consider that for those who want to rent a house, the less holes in the wall, the less problems with the owners.

1. Pay attention to window height

Some kids are born with a will for climbing. Everything they could climb can become a goal. And you don’t want the window to be one of their challenges.

Compare the height of the kid with the height of the window. It has to be impossible for him or her to jump and climb it. Or the window has to have a latch that is too difficult to be unlocked by kids.

Besides that, think about the decoration of the apartment: would any furniture have to be near the window? If the property has short or easy-to-open windows or if it is impossible to place the furniture away from them, maybe it would be better to look for another new home option.

2. If there is no way to avoid stairs: put anti-slip tape on them

It’s amazing to see the wide and imposing staircase of Cher Horowitz’s home in “Clueless”. But it would not be nice to see the little munchkins use it as a ramp to slip with some toy and end up rolling down. It’s better to avoid buying or renting a house with large stairs. However, if there is no way, put anti-slip tape on all the steps (even on the first few steps). And maybe add a safety gate.

If you are going to rent the house, don’t forget to tell the owner about the placement of the tape. Some might not like the change for “design” reasons. Either way, you could argue by saying that it’s a security measure and it benefits everybody.

3. Mezzanine with protection

The case of the mezzanine is similar to the stairs. It’s better to avoid it. But if the house of your dreams has a mezzanine, at least make sure that it’s surrounded by bars or a thick glass to stop your kids playing Superman there.

4. Balconies with netting

Although it is not aesthetically pleasing to put a net over the balcony, you will be avoiding a serious danger to those you love most.

You will also avoid dropping objects from the balcony (which can cause a lot of damage, depending on the height of the building).

5. Furniture fixed to the wall

This is not a structural tip (relative to the plans of the construction). But we understand it is important to quote it to avoid situations like this:

If you would like to rent the property, talk to the owner about fixing the furniture to the wall. If they don’t like the idea, suggest using double-sided furniture tape (the ones used to attach shelves). They may not be as strong as screws, but it will be harder for kids to move the furniture with this protection.

A Brazilian/American journalist impassioned by music (from heavy metal to Lady Gaga), Internet, different cultures, and research. I will do my best to investigate the best tips for you to find the dream home. ;)


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    8 January

    Good post and very good tips for help generation of the new World. I am sure these tips will help them.

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