6 tips to make moving easier

Singing a new lease and getting the keys of your new home is always very exciting. However, all this excitement could sneak away if the frustration and the stress of packing your whole life in a few boxes become overwhelming for you. Under this circumstance, Trovit gives you a list of 6 recommendations so that you do not end up being lost in your own moving.

Be patient and organise well your time.

You can’t package your whole life in two days. Draw up a schedule and keep in mind your deadline. From then on, make a list of your priorities: you will need some of your stuff more than other, so you can decide what to pack first and what to leave for packing at the end.

The less I own, the freer I am.  

Practise a little bit of Feng-Shui: dispose of all the stuff you have not been using for years. Consider the options of giving it away, donating, selling; or just throwing to the trash. You will hardly miss your elementary school notes or those coins from the exotic country you once visited and will not visit again soon.

Consider the distances and the quantity of what you have to move.

If you only have a few things and your new place is nearby, maybe some friends can help you for some beers. On the other hand, if your new home is far away and you have more stuff than Marie Antoinette, perhaps you should rely on professional services and let them do the ‘heavy work’ for you. You will save yourself a lot of trouble!

Prepare an emergency kit.

In every moving process, there are some days you might feel like a shipwreck on a desert island. We could need things that we already have moved or whose whereabouts are unknown. Preparing an emergency kit that includes a pyjama, care products, a towel and clean underwear is a very good idea.

When arriving to your new place have two main things in mind:

First of all, make sure you clean the new space before you move in your furniture and boxes. Second, put every box in the room they should be placed. A good organization is the key to not lose your stuff and to avoid that your shampoo ends in the kitchen and your cooking pots in your wardrobe.

Double check!

Once you have packaged everything, walk around your old place for a while. You might be forgetting something and didn’t realise with all the mess.

Some extra advice: keep it up! Even if you feel exhausted and dead tired after moving countless boxes, think that this is just the beginning of a new exciting period of your life. Try to do your best during the process: good organization, good help from your closest friends, dinners on the floor without cutlery and lots of laughs. Good luck!

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  1. Thanks @Celia for these beautiful suggestions. Really it is like a burden when we move all our possessions to the new home; after all, we are packing our life in small moving boxes. First thing of a easy moving is, we should try to declutter our home and get rid of unnecessary things. Why to waste time packing unnecessary things if you are not going to use them ever. I would suggest to follow the six months rule, means if you are not using something for 6 months or more than that, you should either donate or sell these stuffs. You’ll feel free and organized and will regain the confidence to pack other important stuffs and move.

    • Trovit

      4 April

      That’s a great suggestion, Matthew! Thanks!

  2. Matt

    15 March

    Thanks Celia,

    Great tips. I can also recommend finding free boxes. Some of these can be found from the moving companies themselves but others can be found from liquor or grocery stores.

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