7 tips for first time home-buyers

Buying a property for the first time can be one of the most stressful experiences of your life, but also one of the most rewarding. Along the process, you may find yourself anxious, tired and in need of guidance, but keep in mind that this happens to everybody. Follow these seven pieces of advice and you will never have to worry about making the wrong choice.

1. Don’t be in a rush

This is one of the most important decisions of your life and you don’t want to make it without giving it some thought. Patience is your ally.

2. Get your finances in place before you start looking

Finding how much you can actually afford will help you make the right choice. Keep in mind the additional costs that always appear along the way like taxes, intermediary fees, reforms…

3. Dedicate some time to get to know the market

Check online about the areas you are interested on and the prices you should be expecting per square meter and additional features.

4. Be rational despite falling in love

We tend to check the details instead of the big picture, which can be tricky when searching for the right property. Yes, it may have the perfect look or a beautiful front door, but if there are leaking roofs and damp in the walls, they are deal-breakers. Make sure you weigh pros and cons even though you have fallen in love with the property.

5. Consider fixer-uppers as an option

Let’s be honest, you will never find the perfect home or it might turn out to be far too over budget. Sometimes an unkempt property can be much cheaper, so you can spend that extra money repairing it exactly like you want it, as long as there are no major structural problems.

6. Hire a proper home inspector

When you have found a property, make sure it doesn’t hide any unpleasant surprises that might cost you tons of money in the future. A good home inspector should be able to scan it for plumbing, electricity, roof and foundations problems, usually the most expensive features to repair.

7. Investigate thoroughly the surroundings

Check online about the neighborhood’s safety, public transportation, schools or any other thing you might be interested on. Take a stroll through it and ask around, so you don’t find yourself trapped when it’s too late.

Some final advice

You have found a property, it’s time to make an offer and you feel like you just jumped off a cliff. Breath deeply, it’s absolutely normal. If you have done your homework, everything should be alright. You will soon find yourself in your own new home. Enjoy it!

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  1. Informative tips to buy a new home. Buying a home is a long-term investment, so it is important to know all these essential things while buying a home. Thanks!!

  2. Parveen

    23 February

    I read your blog it is really great post and informative for me. This post is helpful for me because I am planning to buy new house first time, so I really need this kind of information. I totally agree with your statement that first time can be one of the most stressful experiences of our life. Thanks a lot for sharing such a nice post.

  3. Tuletu siyalana

    29 May

    Tank u very much this information is vital and honestly the’re facts I didn’t even think of until you pointed out thank u very much now I’ll be more vigilante

  4. Shirley Abram

    29 May

    I hope to remember as a first time buyer ,The 7 tips ,plus we have found a place as a matter of fact ,And hope to be getting it pretty soon .By my God’s grace.Again thanks for the tips

  5. Abdoula Obas

    30 May

    I really appreciate this post!

  6. Rosemary Malatji

    30 May

    Wow this is really informative and thank you,I am actually in the pipeline to buy too and now I know what to

  7. Connie

    30 May

    With an older home that has been slightly modernize, turn on all the faucets, both hot and cold and flush the toilets for water pressure. Also chec the window, are they seated in properly.
    My option is to go with an inspection that doesn’t work by referrals from your realtor. Get yourself one who will be true to you and not the Agent.
    I learned all of this the hard way

  8. Jim B

    3 August

    Does Trovit work in Redding Ca

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