Moving to another city, yes or no?

Studying abroad, looking for a job in the city, learning or improving a language, or simply change of pace. There are many reasons why you are thinking about living in another city, country or continent. Even if it is willingly or by necessity, it means taking an important decision that has both strengths and weaknesses. Have a look at these aspects that will help you when thinking of moving to another city!

8 things to consider when moving to another city


If you’re thinking about moving to a city which is similar to your current location in terms of culture, population and lifestyle, it is very probable that the change will not be too drastic. However, if you’re aiming to move into a capital city such as New York, you have to know that the lifestyle is not the same as if you are going to live in a little town. Cities have a more rapid pace. On the same line, there may be differences in the way of life if you are moving to another country or continent. This drastic change from one ambient to another one may produce a temporary disorientation commonly known as cultural shock.

Relationships and society

One of the big advantages of moving to another city is that it allows you to meet new people, make new friends and get to know different points of view. At first you may feel scared and lonely, but there are more people that are in the same situation! There are hundreds of ways to make new friendships: college, work, visiting new centers and entertainment places, or even making a good use of the social networks.


If you have lived always in the same city, you may know how complicated is to get out of a routine. Human beings, by nature, fear or lack of resources, tend to opt for comfort instead of jumping into the adventure. Changing your city may break with your habits but it will also help you find new possibilities and discover different hobbies you didn’t know before.

Housing and job search

Moving to another city means that you have to find a property to live, paying your own maintenance and additional expenses. Therefore, you must take into consideration the economic landscape. Also, you must have in mind which kind of job will allow you to continue your project of living abroad.Your economy will also be an influence in the type of property you will choose, and if you are going to buy or rent. If you’re thinking about that, we recommend you to have a look at our offers in our sections of “Homes” and “Jobs“.

Maturity and independence

Let’s be realistic: when we leave our parents’ home we have to face reality, which most likely be not the way we expected it. At first, this may be daunting: who should I tell or go if I get sick?. However, moving to a different city helps you have more initiative, the move can help you to get to know yourself, your strengths and weaknesses. On top of that, if you’re going to live in a city with a different language, it is a phenomenal chance to learn or improve a new language. 

Tourism and culture

So far we have talked about social and personal aspects, but we can’t forget that moving to another city means that we have hundreds of new places to discover! Monuments and touristic attractions, entertainment centers, restaurants and pubs, shops and new ways of transport. Moreover, you can always visit close cities you didn’t know before!

Weather and health

It is important to take into consideration the average temperature of the city in the different seasons. You need to be able to organize the clothing and material you will need. If, for example, you are going to live in a town in the mountains, you should go well-prepared for the low temperatures during winter.


No one knows you! Even if at first it may be a little scary, it is a good chance if you want to be autonomous and start the life you are willing to have! You, and only you are responsible for your schedule, your problems, your decisions and how you want to spend your time and resources. Living in a different city may turn into a big adventure!

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