Tips to find your ideal apartment

Tips to find your ideal apartment

Information technologies have allowed the average person to obtain any degree of information with just a few clicks. It allows us to extract information from search engines or digital encyclopedias. Likewise, looking for any specific piece of information becomes easier. At Trovit we want you to find your perfect apartment in your first try; we have recently added new filters in order to make your search more comfortable. If you are interested on finding out how they work, keep on reading!

If you’re currently searching for a new apartment, then you should take note of the main filters which will help you find your ideal property. Among them, we suggest you take a look at: the geographic zone (for example: New York or Washington DC), the publishing date (from 24h to 7 days), the price (from minimum to maximum), the surface (m2), the number of rooms and bathrooms and the type of property.

We show you some easy tools that will help you make the best out of our search engine:

  • Search examples: Before doing any filtering, we have to know what is your main search. This refers to the geographic zone and the type of property. Trovit’s main page offers you some ideas that can guide you! Tips: your search should have between 2 or 3 words and include the property type and the geographic zone.
  • Listing or map: After having included our words in the search engine, we will see the results that Trovit has found for us. Through “Show filters” section we will be able to customize our search and customize our ideal apartment immediately. For each search result we will find the details of the property, as well as its location. In case we want to situate it on a map, then we should try the search with the Map tool.
  • Similar searches: Once the search is finished and having seen the results in the list or map mode, it is time to confirm if our search meets our needs. In case it hasn’t, the system offers us more combinations that can help during your search.
  • Relevance: In this case, relevance helps us order the search results. It is important when we want to see the cheapest apartments or the newest ads in the first results.
  • With our without images. Do you belong to the ones that prefers choosing by esthetics? We can also check the image button, so we will only see the listings that have images. This way the search will be more pleasant!

And you? have to already tried our filters or do you know more tips to make the search easier? Leave us your opinion in the comment box below!

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