10 useful objects you should have at home in case ...

10 useful objects you should have at home in case of apocalypse

The time to become independent from your parents has -finally!- arrived, and the move is just around the corner. Surely you have already covered the basic items of the house: the bed, the sofa, the washing machine, the kitchen… However, there are useful little details that you may not have considered. Imagine that there is construction work in your building, there is an power cut and you must spend hours in the dark. Or, you have burned yourself while cooking and you have to heal the wound as soon as possible. By definition, unforeseen circumstances happen when you least expect them. And that’s why it’s important to be prepared!

Therefore, we have compiled the most useful objects that absolutely can not be missing at your place. Don’t worry! You can get most of them for next to nothing (or even for free!). Do you have them all?

First aid kit

A good first aid kit is essential for dealing with domestic accidents without wasting much time. You should keep it in an accessible place for everybody, but out of reach for small children.

The kit should have latex gloves, alcohol towels, hemostats, saline solution, antiseptic, gauze, plaster, tweezers, bandages and scissors.

It is also important to have a small dispenser with a thermometer, analgesics or antipyretics (Paracetamol), anti-inflammatories (Ibuprofen), an ointment for burns and another one for insect stings (antihistamines). If you are following a medical treatment or you are prone to some specific illness, do not forget to include the necessary medicines.

Note: Check the medicine box periodically to make sure there is no expired medication.


Not all tenants are lucky enough to have “the handyman landlord”. Therefore, you will have to deal with some malfunctions around the house. But that doesn’t have to be negative! By taking care of the maintenance you can save more money, since you will not have to depend on any external service.

The kit should contain a screwdriver, a hammer, pliers, cutter, wrench, tape measure, duct tape, nails and screws.

Tip: Buying a good set is cheaper than doing it piece by piece. You can find them of various prices and composition according to your needs.

Replacement bulbs

It’s always advisable to have replacement bulbs at home. Quite often, each room requires a different type of lighting and, therefore, you should know which bulb you need. To do this, you must take into account two aspects: the bush, which is the part that connects to the lamp; and the shape of the bulb, which will allow you to achieve different lighting effects.

Just don’t make the mistake of buying incandescent bulbs. Not only they are obsolete, they also consume much more. And this means wasting more money. LED bulbs are more efficient and durable. Your pocket will thank you!


I am sure that more than once you have suffered a blackout in your neighborhood and you have been waiting in the dark. In these cases, a flashlight (and batteries!) may be your best ally. There are many models of flashlights or multifunction batteries on the market that are very useful for these situations.

If not, you can always download a flashlight app on your smartphone, and run the risk of burning your battery. Another option is to have candles and matches / a lighter on hand to turn them on until the light returns…. and seize the occasion for a romantic evening or to tell a horror story!

Bottles of water

It is not unusual that workers shut off the water in an area when they are making repairs. That’s why it is wise to have bottles of drinking water. You never know what can happen, and you do not want to realize that you have no water when you need it…

In addition to drinking water, it is advisable to keep bottled water for possible contingencies. For example, if there are droughts around your area, if a water pipe bursts and you have to cut the water, etc.

Dehydrated or canned food

Imagine that you have gone on vacation and have left your fridge empty. The last thing you will want to do when you get back is to go to the supermarket to buy something to eat, right? Dehydrated or preserved food is known as “emergency food” because it can be stored for months or even years without losing its nutritional properties.

In addition to dry foods like legumes, rice or milk powder, you can also find dehydrated vegetables and fruits like figs, peaches, apricots or plums. In this article you will find some examples of dehydrated foods.

As for canned food, there is a whole world of possibilities. From peach in syrup to sardines, through tuna, asparagus or meatballs. You will be tempted to eat them even if there is no emergency! Remember to organize them based on the expiration date and putting at the front line those that will last less to keep them under control.

Bucket of water or basin

It is a multipurpose object and you can use it for countless things. For example, when something is leaking water; to clean your clothes by hand if your washing machine stops working; to transport objects from one place to another; to transport water and soap to scrub a persistent stain; save you from disaster if the toilet’s flush has some trouble; or to use it as a trash.

On a happy note (not everything needs to be about accidents!), if you host a dinner party and you need to cool drinks fast, you can fill it with ice and water and they will be ready in no time!

Two sets of bed sheets and towels

If you don’t have a dryer at home, it is advisable to have a second set of sheets and towels. This way, you can wash one without fear of being left with a bare mattress. You can accidentally drop coffee on the sheets and there might be no time enough to do the laundry and have them dry by bedtime. Remember: prevention is better than cure!

Power strip plug

Sometimes, your electric devices’ cables may not be long enough. That is why it is always good to have a power strip socket. Not only that, you can also connect more than one device without having to worry about which one you’ll need to sacrifice to do so.

Of course, if the electrical installation of your house is old, it’s advisable not to fill the entire extension at the same time as it can cause an overload and affect your installation. In the same way, avoid plugging refrigerators or consumer appliances to these multiplugs. That type of appliances must have a ground connection for safety.

Also, connecting just what you really need will also have a positive impact on the environment… and your economy!

Replacement keys

Keys are essential in our daily life and, above all, in our security. Especially for those of us who are clueless, it is essential to have a copy. Nobody would like to stay in the street because of a silly slip!

It’s not only because you might forget them. There are many reasons why you will need this spare set. For example, you might be mugged, there can be something wrong while you are on holidays and need your family to check your home or they may just eventually deteriorate and fail to unlock the door properly.

If you have more than one spare key, you can keep one in your house, and ask some trusted family member or neighbor to keep another.

And you? Can you think of other useful objects for the home? Share them with us in the comment box below!


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