6 tools to help you visualize a home

Renovating a property can be a lot of fun, but it can easily become a nightmare if you don’t have a clear plan to start with. Thanks to nowadays’ technology, we can forget about the pen, the ruler, the compass and those thousands sheets of paper you would need to make a zillion drafts. You can design the house of our dreams with some simple tools.

Online virtual home planners have evolved at an impressive speed last years and here we are now with plenty of websites to get a floor plan done so accurate that you will see yourself already living there. But exactly because of that it is difficult to choose! We have prepared for you a list of the better tools we found so you can plan your home from the ground to the roof.

Autodesk - 8 tools to help you visualize a home

Autodesk Homestyler

With 3D images of real furniture, this will be one of the tools that would bring you closer to the final result in reality. Besides its broad catalog of floors and wall paint you can also choose among a wide range of furniture and decoration. On the top of that, it creates automatically a shopping list in case you want to purchase the real product you have chosen.

Available for desktop and app here.

Real Remodeling Costs by Houzz

This tool will become one of your favorites because it’s the one that actually calculates how much this renovation will eventually cost you. Room by room, you can select from a broad range of options to adjust the best you can to your case. Also, if you are from the U.S. you can make the estimation with local prices to make it even more accurate.

Try it here!

Quick-step floor advisor

Quick-step floor advisor

This online tool allows you to upload a picture of a room and try how different floors would look like in your home. It’s very easy and they have a broad variety of flooring to play with! Definitely a must have!

Available for different countries, here is the UK version.

Dulux Colour

Dulux Colour

This is the app for colour perfectionists. If you want to be able to “catch” a colour with your camera, “paint” a wall and interact with an app with 4500 colours, this is the one for you. You can also browse for trends if you need any inspiration! As they say, “the path to the perfect colour is in your hands”.

Here is the Android app and here the one for iOS.

ikea kitchen planner

Ikea Kitchen Planner

This well-known tool is perfect to redesign your kitchen, even if you are not thinking about buying Ikea furniture. Its accuracy and final results make it the perfect tool to design one of the most important rooms in the house. Who am I kidding: the most important!

Start using it here.


This tool is a time saver for those who frenetically search for furniture in different websites. Just clipping products you will create galleries to store all your ideas and to see if they match each other. You can save them, organize them and also set price-alert emails in case they go on sale.

Available as a desktop plug-in and as an app: http://www.clipix.com

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