The ultimate checklist for visiting a property

The ultimate checklist for visiting a property

Love at first sight happens. Sometimes It happens between people or between humans and things. However in Trovit we do not match potential lovers, but love affairs between people and homes.

At Trovit we want to help you to notice if what you think is the house of your dreams, is not actually a House of Horrors. That’s why we have a little gift for you at the end of the post!

It is very popular to hear that you can fall in love with a property just in the first 15 seconds of your visit. On the other hand, many studies corroborate that people who are looking for a new house only take an average of 30 minutes deciding if they will buy or rent this place or not. Can you imagine? Making a life changing decision in the same time as going to the hairdresser or doing your laundry? Maybe you are blinded by the lights the estate agents switched on to make the place look better, or enchanted by the aroma of the freshly made coffee they offer you. Hold your horses!

Refine your senses

Open your ears, eyes and nose. What does it smells like in every room? What can you hear from the bedroom? Is there enough space for your furniture? Pay special attention to the neighborhood: is there a high-traffic road, nightclubs, green areas or bus and metro stations nearby? Is it worth to share the patio with the fried kitchen smell of an exotic and maybe toxic restaurant? Understand that the furniture you see and the way it is decorated may not be the same once you are settled in, so look beyond it.

Take care to check out the walls and the ceilings.

Either if you are going to rent or buy, watch out if there are cracks, damp stainings and evaluate the quality of the paint in the walls, the roof and the floor.  Don’t forget to have a look as well at the sockets and switches, the doors and the windows; verifying that everything all well installed and maintained.

wall paint

If you like the property but something is wrong, it’s important to estimate if it is really worth it!

The bathroom: water taps, shower, toilet…

An important thing to have in mind is checking if the sealant was well done or has failed, which is a very frequent problem. The water that may have came out could produce damp stains as well. We also recommend you to open the water tap and let the water run: is the flow’s pressure correct? Is the water heater working well?

Imagine yourself living there.

I know it can sound very obvious, but figure out a real living situation there. Is there enough space for all your stuff? If you have more shoes than a superstar or more books than José Saramago you will need a place to store it. Do you like having people over for dinner at home? So make sure that your kitchen and dining room are as big as you need to do the things you enjoy most. As I said before, this advice is not as technical as the ones given before, but it is something that people don’t realize and then disappointments start to appear!


Try to find out about your neighbors and the neighborhood association.

Is there any special tax to pay? Are there strict laws to follow in the community? Are your neighbors young students, families or elderly people ? If you feel like you don’t  fit in, move on!

If after several visits you do not feel satisfied by the properties you have seen, do not feel discouraged! Finding a new home is an important decision, but we hope that our advice will help you to make the best of it!

Finally: Here’s your gift!

To make sure you have the best experience while house hunting, and to make sure you don’t forget to ask important questions, we have put together a cool checklist for you: Click here or on the picture below and you will become an expert!

checklist image

Be sure to print multiple copies and bring one on every visit you do!

Insider Tip! Take a blank checklist with you on your second and third visits of the same house. Then compare them to the checklist from visit 1. This way you can be sure not to miss any important issues and make sure how you feel about the home is not radically different.

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  1. sherrel Connolly

    27 April

    Looking for a house to rent with a fenced in yard, big kitchen, 2 bdrs, dishwasher, garage, and deck. In Tomah, Lacrosse, West Salem or Onalaska, Wi. These are the only places I need.

  2. Helen

    27 April

    3 bed near Chelmsford essex relocating from South Africa. cash buyer

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