The best international moving companies for amateu...

The best international moving companies for amateur expats

A few weeks ago, Trovit gave you 6 easy-going recommendations in case you were thinking about finding a new place and planning to move. Even if you take into account all these tips, things can get very tricky when it comes to international moves. Initially, you can feel very lost: sometimes you may not trust the offer, or you don’t even find a company. That’s why we prepared  a selection of some moving companies operating all over the globe:

Earth Relocation

Earth Relocation is an american based company that has been working on international moves since many years. Besides giving you very good advices about movings, they also provide you customs informations depending on the country you are considering to move, like shipment laws, visa and documents required. They are also specialised in vehicle shipping and pet movings.

International Movers Network

International Movers Network has 25 years experience in organise movings among 175 different countries. As well as they offer you packing services, they also do an inventory control and management, door to door delivery and ship via sea and air.

Nippon Express

Nippon Express is a japanese global logistics consultant that connects people and companies all across the world. Besides export-import shipping, this company also manages house moving and fine arts transport, by train, ship, airplane or truck. This group has 21 locally incorporated subsidiaries in 5 different countries to help you make your move as smooth as possible so you don’t go completely mad.

Sea & Air International

Sea & Air International is a professional enterprise located in New York specialised in packing, storing and unpacking people’s belongings worldwide. They are experts designing moving plans and logistics solutions to make your international moving the easiest.

City Moving

At City Moving  they say: “your move is covered from A to Z”. They work inside the United States, where they are based, as well with long distance and international moves. This company have weekly direct shipments to Europe, and not only to the biggest cities but also to all provinces. In addition, they present you affordable options depending on your circumstances.


Packlink is an online aggregator based in Madrid, Spain, that compares offers from many parcel and courier service enterprises. It is a very useful search engine specially for people with a small budget, such as students. When you enter the website, you introduce the number of boxes, their weight and the origin and destination of your stuff. That way, you can evaluate the different companies estimates and choose the one that is best for you.

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    10 July

    Moving international can be a intimidating task for anybody, but with a little planning and some help it doesn’t have to be so overwhelming. Whether you plan on moving yourself or hiring professional movers, This moving blog really useful for this overwhelming situations.

  2. Alden

    1 August

    Relocation is very difficult and expensive services in United States. I had appointed International Moving Company while relocate my office in New York. I am fully satisfied with their services. They provide moving services at affordable prices.

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    30 November

    One of the best articles! Thanks for sharing.

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    15 March

    Moving can be difficult but it can be easier with the right movers.

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